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The Swabian Jura

Ideal for day trips and hikes

The Swabian Jura is a low mountain range in Southern Germany extending from the south-west to the north-east. It is characterised by a plateau divided to varying degrees and which is limited to the north-west by a very striking steep slope, whereas it slopes gently to the south-east and imperceptibly merges there into the foothills of the Alps.

The north-western steep slope is called the Albtrauf and separates the plateau of the Alps from the foothills. To the north-east, the low mountain range borders with the Nördlinger Ries area. To its south-west, it is bordered by the Swabian-Lower Alemannic linguistic boundary at Tuttlingen and Spaichingen, but other areas are often the subject of examination (see layout). The length of the mountain range is approximately 200km and the width is approximately 40km in the middle.

Geologically, the Swabian Jura is part of the south-west German stratified landscape. Furthermore, it is part of the table landscape of the Jura mountains between Basel and the Nördlinger Ries area. Together with the folded landscape of the Jura mountains and the Franconian Jura, this table landscape of the Jura mountains is in turn part of the Jura mountain range between Geneva and Coburg.

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