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Robert Bosch 

On 23rd September 1861, Robert Bosch was born here as the eleventh of twelve children. His parents belonged to the regional rural upper class.
His father, a Freemason, was well-educated beyond his status and attached special importance to a good education for his children. From 1869 to 1876, Robert Bosch attended Ulm’s Realschule (similar to a secondary modern school) and afterwards completed an apprenticeship as a mechanic.

After this, Robert Bosch works for several companies in Germany, the USA and Great Britain for seven years, before he opened a “Werkstätte für Feinmechanik und Elektrotechnik” (workshop for precision engineering and electrical engineering) in Stuttgart on 15/11/1886.

In 1887, Robert Bosch decisively improved a non-patented magneto of the Deutz engineering works and had his first economic success with it. The device is used for the production of an electric spark, with which the gas mixture in an internal combustion engine is made to explode. In 1897, Robert Bosch succeeded for the first time in adapting such a magneto to a motor vehicle engine. He thus solved one of the biggest technical problems of the still young automotive engineering.